About Julian

Julian trained as lawyer in London, lectured law for a while and ended up managing Legal Aid contracts in the Not For Profit Sector, before giving it all up to write and give his wife even more hell.

julian ruckApart from being a novelist, Julian is also a columnist, broadcaster, political journalist/commentator and public speaker.

He has been a regular contributor for Westminster’s influential Labour Uncut, has written for the nationals, the Institute of Welsh Affaires and is presently a columnist for two of Wales’ biggest selling newspapers.
More recently, he is the founder and editor of the political website ‘Letters From Wales Uncut’ – see www.lettersfromwalesuncut.com

Julian is neither a member of nor affiliated to, any political party or organisation.

My Novels

'The Bent Brief'

The novel is about an old school lawyer, Edwin Hillyard, who struggles with the new dotcom world. He accidentally kills his indulged wife, Clare, when he discovers her in bed with another woman ... More

'Ragged Cliffs'

Lise Jacobson, a young Danish girl, is a victim of vicious World War II retribution. She leaves Denmark and discovers success and tragedy in the Gower Peninsula ... More

'Inheritance Lost'

Injured and forgotten by the Falklands War, Captain Kristian Treharne embarks upon the more challenging campaign of renewing an old love affair - a mission fraught with more unexploded bombs and surprises than even his veteran instincts are able to anticipate ... More

'An Equal Judge'

On her way to the top, Her Honour Judge Charlotte Treharne seeks truth at every turn but dangerous forces combined with lethal intent are determined to stop her no matter what the cost. Will her ability to endure be enough to survive? ... More

Future Publications

  • 'A Judge and Nothing But' More
  • 'All Gas No Oil' More