Inheritance Lost - 1st Chapter

Chapter 1

May, 1982. Falkland Islands, South Atlantic.

Two hundred metres from the landing point the engines of the two Geminis were cut and the propeller shafts lifted. This was done to prevent any entanglement of the propeller with the steaming slicks of green kelp that stuck to the shore and oozed on to the shingle in order to confound any hostile footsteps. The engines were also cut in order to keep noise to a minimum. From this point on, oars alone were relied on for propulsion. This was the most dangerous position for the men to be in; they were exposed and vulnerable.

One of the Geminis drifted into the stand-off position to cover the other going in to deposit the men. This would act as a firm fire base should any trouble arise.

The four man team beached without incident.

A Gemini engine started up.

"The bloody fool! Get down!" Treharne ordered. The team dissolved into the shingle and carried on cursing where Treharne had left off. The cox would be dealt with later; he could have blown the whole mission. Anger soon waned however as the fading Gemini engine reminded the team that they were now alone. Isolated.

As they prepared to set off an inconsiderate moon decided to make an unannounced appearance. This was not supposed to happen. Another balls up. The military was full of them. Treharne stuck two fingers up at the white face that sneered its treachery and allegiance to the enemy within.

When they were one hour away from the target they stopped. Weapons and kit were checked. With Treharne leading, the team set off again. They were confident, strong. They were about to reach their target when the ground erupted as an explosion ripped and tore, bringing the secret mission to an abrupt end.

Captain Kristian Treharne, Special Boat Service, formerly of 42nd Commando Royal Marines, flew through the cold night air unaware of the firework display that had sent him on his wingless flight. The bloody debris of an arrogant Argentinian anti-personnel mine had defied the puny efforts of the four man team to wreak havoc upon its sovereign territory.

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