'The Silver Songsters' - Coming Soon

Chapter 1


The old man sat down at the Steinway piano and allowed his hands to hover above the white ivory keys. His tired, water filled eyes objected to the brightness that leapt up from the keys as stubbornness and determination gripped his fingers but in spite of all he knew they still trembled with memory and a certain fear.

It had been such a long time.

Brittle blue veins on the backs of his hands throbbed and seemed to bully his mind into action. He held back, fought even. Would his fingers still be able to answer the call? Would they still bend, move and delight with a subtlety that could inspire complete silence and sometimes uncalled for tears?

His mind travelled back to a song he had first heard as a fourteen year old boy coloratura soprano. It had been a song that even his eighty five years of living had been unable to diminish or erase. At last, his own particular courage moved into the worn out fingers and ordered them to play. Those around him stopped and listened. They felt his journey and knew that they must join him.

The old man went back in time.

He remembered.

The 21 Silver Songsters sang again through his fingertips.

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