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Just a quick note to let you know that I absolutely loved reading An Equal Judge. It was just as good or maybe even better than the first two. No, I can honestly say, all three were excellent. Whilst beginning to read AEJ I kept thinking of the twists in the other two books and thought 'yes there has got to be a twist in this one'. Brilliant, you have definitely converted me to reading more fiction. Can't wait for your next book.

I don't know if you remember me but at your book signing at W H Smith in Oxford you spoke to my daughter and I about your 3 novels. I have to say I am so glad you introduced me to your talent as a writer and storyteller . I find your style as a writer so easy to read, the dialogue absolutely flows. I wasn't just reading a novel, I felt I was there listening to the conversations or a silent witness to whatever scenario was taking place. Your description of the characters especially made me feel that I knew them as real people. Even when you describe their thoughts or their flaws – even the bad ones – I could even at times understand where the bitterness and/or hate sprang from.

All the comments on the book covers are completely justifed as you are a storyteller extraordinaire. The way the storyline flows with events that change the lives of the characters. As I read each book I didn't want it to end but when I did I could not wait to start the next one. Each book I think stands alone as a really good read but I so enjoyed meeting some of the characters almost immediately in the next book. I have recommended you to friends and family.

I met you in W.H. Smith in bath a couple of weeks ago.I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book Ragged Cliffs . I did not expect the twist at the end! Iwill be reading the other two books and it has inspired me to continue writing my book!
You 'persuaded' me to buy your first book at WH Smiths in Hereford. I must say how I much I enjoyed it and brought the following 2 books of the series. So thank you!
I met you in WHSmith in Ipswich a few weeks ago purely by chance at one of your signings. I must admit I had never heard of your books, but I am now hooked! I have literally just finished the first book and felt I must tell you how much I have enjoyed it! I was completely hooked from the start! You had told me that there was a twist at the end so I was on alert for what that might be. A wonderful read. Thank you. I shall recommend this to my mum, amoungest others, as she is a real book worm, who I know will enjoy this read. I had luckly bought your next two books so now onto 'Inheritance Lost'. Really looking forward to it. Glad to have met you. Please keep writing!
Well, where do I start those three books had everything, love, hate, intrigue and every emotion under the sun. Thank you so very much I have enjoyed evry single page and all the twists that you never see coming. Once I know the release dates of your new books I will be there when they are published.

Last October you sold me a copy of an Equal Judge (in WH Smith Carmarthen) just as I was doing last minute shopping for a visit to family in Bahrain. I did read your book whilst I was there and really enjoyed it. The Scandinavian serial killer book I also purchased that day went quickly to a second hand book stall, but I've put yours in my guest room for family and friends to read.

I found your characters interesting and lively… you develop them as distinct individuals with nuances to their personalities that tend to be skipped over by other writers in this genre. The descriptions of the Welsh countryside are very good and match my own sense of the landscape. Finally I loved the twists and turns of the storyline, but was taken by surprise by the shocking events of the dramatic climax. Thanks for a thoroughly good read.

I met you in WHSmith in Colwyn Bay, and you recommended your book Ragged Cliffs to me. I love this book. It was a really good read- I read it in two weeks! Thats very good for me!! In a couple of parts I felt there was too much information, but in some ways it made sense afterwards. A very good read -and it kept my attention all the way through. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

My friend and myself bought your last two books off you in Ottekers in Abergavenny, a few weeks ago. We both really enjoyed Ragged Cliffs. Well done and thanks for a good read.

My sister bought 'Ragged Cliffs' for me, at W H Smith, Aberystwyth. Congrats, its a great read. I am always amazed when a man writes so well from a female perspective, like Alex McCall Smith, you have managed to pull it off – in fact, you could probably earn a fortune selling books for men, on how to understand/get inside a woman's head!!

I am enjoying getting to know the characters; sometimes I pick up a book and have no idea where the character is coming from, there is no consistancy and so I find it a difficult read. This has not happened with 'your people'.

Also, like AMS, your description of a country and its culture enhance the enjoyment of the read.

All the comments on the book covers are completely justified........Julian Ruck is a storyteller extraordinaire!”
Absolutely brilliant and could not put it down!”

Fabulous read!"


My daughter and I are at a loss to know what to read next that will satisfy our thirst for Julian Ruck"s type of writing......we cannot wait for the next book to come onto the book shelves."

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two can never predict the endings."

The reader is enticed into making assumptions as to what will happen and then is suddenly surprised by an unexpected twist....I"m hooked!"

An excellent read. Awaiting the next book!"

Cannot wait until the next one!"

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